Hardware and Interfacing Suppliers – Australia and New Zealand


Handbag Hardware Australia

Handbag Hardware Australia sells an amazing array of hardware and interfacing, reasonable prices and great customer service. If you are just after a hardware kit for a certain designer pattern, then check them out here!

Western Australia

Sew Creative Supplies

Another great online supplier of interfacings and hardware for all your bag making needs. Sew Creative Supplies is based in Beldon, Western Australia. You can find them here!

Australia Wide

Birch Haberdashery

If you are making bags to sell, then you are probably wanting to buy your supplies wholesale. Birch Haberdashery is your one stop shop for interfacings, fleece and stabilizers in bulk amounts at wholesale prices. You do need an ABN (australian business number) to open an account, they do ask for trade references in the application but you can bypass this by filling in this section with the words ‘cash account’. You can find them here! If you don’t have your ABN yet, you can apply for one here! And it’s free!

M. Recht

M. Recht Accessories has been trading for 60 years, servicing the Fashion Industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. They sell interlinings and zippers, minimum purchase on interlinings is 10 metres to take advantage of the wholesale prices. I buy the Woven Fusible Interlining FT501 112cm wide/85gsm, for under $4.00aud per metre, it’s a great substitute for the more expensive brands.

M. Recht